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4 All driving school was started by a dedicated group of teachers dedicated to student safety and an excellent driving and educational record our founder has 34 years of teaching experience across continents with 10 of them as principal and other administrative roles.

4 All driving school strives for excellence in driving education and innovation in teaching methods we actively use the relevant pieces of technology in teaching driving to our students our offices are equipped with driving simulators for students who need to learn turning. Our instructors teach physics of driving in our classes as student does driving maneuvers we also teach the reason for the maneuvers. Our curriculum manager was on DSANJ association instructor training team.

All of our instructors are highly trained with NJ state Instructors license and trained by NJCU driver education courses.

4 All Driving School values its workforce we provide our employees with continuous training in various driving, science and business disciplines. We support


We use only the latest technology and the most safe cars in our driving school we both Internal combustion engine (ICE) cars and gas electric hybrid. We also teach the students how to drive any car efficiently. Our cars have dual controls for safety of our students. Our cars are clean, Air Conditioned and comfortable experience for the students. We are constantly researching new ways and techniques of teaching students.


Our instructors are extremely knowledgeable about the car and the car industry they have had combined 80 years of experience in the driving, driver training, science, engineering and risk management. These instructors apply their combined experience in creating a more wholesome driver safety curriculum than the basic state curriculum they cover physics in context of driving they relate driving tasks to physical principles. Above all we keep the students safe during their road lesson. Our instructors use the latest tools for teaching students. They use techniques for calming the nervous drivers. We teach both teens and adults.


4 All Driving School provides driving lessons 7 days a week. We work with you on the timings

- We provide both day and night lessons upon request.

- We provide Door-to-Door service.

- We do written and road test service as well.

- We provide lessons to both adult and teen learners.

- We offer complete 6-hour program for 16 year olds with Special Rates and Insurance

- Discount for 16 year olds and the students learn much more than required by the Basic State Standard!

- 4 all driving school provides best classes in several languages including English, Spanish, Hindi, Punjabi and Gujarati.


We are among the best instructors in the state. One of our instructors is on the design committee on driver instructor training in the DSANJ. We provide best driving lessons than any other driving school in the state at a very reasonable price. The things you learn in our classes you will not learn elsewhere the other schools are barely scratching to finish the basic curriculum in the 6 hour course. Our students learn the techniques thru practical repetition and solid theoretical grounding. In short we teach better. Our instructors are extremely patient with student they are specially trained to make students aware of risks on the road and how to effectively mitigate them. We have the most effective post-employment training program in the state. We only hire individuals with the safest driving record. We have both federal and state background checks for all our instructors. All instructors have completed college credits for driver training.