2 Hrs. Experienced Driver Course

These lessons are helpful to people who have driven before outside of New Jersey. The students are taken thru all kinds of traffic situations. The course the course covers normal traffic conditions on the road at the time of the class. The class is conducted in 2 to 2.5 hour session; depending on traffic this allows students to drive at a stretch and allows them to handle traffic situations that are unfamiliar, with confidence. In this course we cover all the things that are on the NJ state road test. The course covers the following:-
  • 1. Attention (What to look, Where to Look, Risks, Hazards, Sharing the road)

  • 2. Turning (Left, Right, Angled and curves and Jug Handle turns)

  • 3. Steering*

  • 4. Curb Judgement

  • 5. Handling traffic control devices (Lights, Traffic Circles, Stop and Yield etc.)

  • 6. Driving in Lanes (Maintain Lanes, Changing Lanes, Merging and Diverging)

  • 7. Turning Around (K and U turns)

  • 8. Parking (Perpendicular, Angular, Parallel)

  • 9. Highways (Entering into highways, Exiting Highways, Ramp Speeds)

  • 10. Preparation for the Road Test* (Road test Tips for each center, Driving strictly according to the book)

*The road test preparation will be done depending if student has a RT scheduled, if not general RT tips will be given. Hand over hand Steering may require additional classes if the student cannot follow the instructions because of shuffle driving habits.