6 Hr Teen Driving Lessons

We offer behind the wheel driving lessons for teen drivers in order to enroll in this course the student must be at least 16 Years old and should have passed their written test at school.
The service includes the following:
1. Taking student to the DMV for eye test and driving permit (the Blue card from school is not a permit)
2. Scheduling student for 6 hours of behind the wheel lessons. These will be completed in 3 sessions of 2 Hrs. each
Lesson 1 Will include proper turning techniques
Lesson 2 Will include driving in traffic sharing the road with pedestrians etc.
Lesson 3 Will include preparation for the Road test (i.e. Parallel Parking, K Turns and tips for the Road-test) and driving on the Highway
(I.e. Interstates, Federal, State and County Routes) highway.
This Class also qualifies for a Insurance Discount when the student turns 17 years old and gets their Probationary License
Please Note: In order for students to get their License in the week of their 17th birthday all behind the wheel classes should be finished by the 6 months week prior to the student's birthday